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Maybe Baby Test Strips (Pack of 15)


A pack of 15 test strips that can be torn into small pieces to go further as it only takes one drop of mares milk to test. Shipped via snail mail with no tracking number. If you wish to upgrade shipping call or email us and we can discuss shipping cost.

Due to the individual who recently filed a dispute with PayPal over their lost strips, we will now put a tracking number on all packages. Unfortunately this means that YOUR costs will go up as we have to cover this fee.



Maybe Baby test strips are all you need to determine if your mare is close to foaling. They have been tested and used by many farms over the years and provide accurate and reliable results. They are simple to use and have an indefinite shelf life.

They are super simple to use! Put one drop of milk on the test strip and it will change colors. No mixing, no measuring, and instant results! You then match it up to the chart that comes with the strips and based on the color know an approximate window where the mare should foal.


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